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Al-Halemy Asserts to the European Institute for Peace that a Fair Solution to the Southern Cause is the Only Way to Sustainable Peace in Yemen and the Whole Region

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – London – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Murad Al-Halemy, member of the presidency of the southern transitional council, met Mr. Ivan Tanner of the European Institute for Peace in London as part of several meetings and activities of Al-Halemy and other leaders of the southern transitional council in major capitals of international decision making. During the meeting, Al-Halemy talked about the southern cause and the political vision of the southern transitional council, the political holder of the cause. He indicated that solving the southern cause is the correct step towards sustainable peace in Yemen and the whole region. Al-Halemy discussed the situation in the south and recent events of Adan asserting that the government works on creating more conflicts while the council proved, to the Arab Coalition and the international society as well, the failure of this government and its inability to exercise its role in providing basic services in addition to its abuse of public money. He added that if this government remains, only more problems will be created and replacing it with a well-qualified government will help the efforts of the UN Special delegate through decreasing current problems and not creating more problems or conflicts. Mr. Ivan Tanner indicated the interest of European Institute for Peace in the situation of the south and its support for involving the southern transitional council in any upcoming negotiations about a political resolution of the Yemeni crisis that may help the efforts of the new UN Special delegate to Yemen. He also asserted the importance of embassies and international organizations to exist in Adan to see a real close picture of the situation. At the end of he both parties asserted that they are eager to create more communication channels and joint work on a set of suggestions.
In a short statement to SAMA News, Al-Halemy said: “We would like to tell our southern people that his sacrifices and struggle will be fruitful very soon and political victories will follow to achieve the southern political will and the southern right of self-determination”.

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