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Al-Houthis… A Terrorist Organization in Amman

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Amman – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Conference of “Al-Houthis … a terrorist group” called UN and all other international organizations working in Yemen and concerned with human rights to commit to neutralization and avoid working outside the international legitimacy and international laws and conventions. The conference asserted that the international society and peace-fostering countries should act immediately and issue a decision categorizing Al-Houthi militia as the most dangerous terrorist organization in the Arab World because of its brutal crimes in Yemen. The conference also called for international organizations to immediately stop issuing reports containing fabricated, false or one-sided information as such acts may denigrate the reputation of UN. Instead, the conference asked these organizations to publish the crimes of Al-Houthis and expose their barbaric anti-humanitarian acts.
The conference, held last Wednesday in Amman by the Yemeni Agency for Developmental Media, accused Al-Houthi militias with war crimes including killing and displacement of civilians in addition to robing and confiscating their properties and arresting and torture of journalists, writers, women and children during the civil war in Yemen. Yemeni activists and representatives of international and UN organizations discussed reports about human rights conditions in Yemen and severe violations and war crimes committed by Al-Houthis.
Foad Al-Mansoury, chairman of the Yemeni Agency for Developmental Media, indicated that the conference seeks to expose the crimes and violations of Al-Houthi militias. Al-Mansoury accused Al-Houthis of aiming to subdue the society to its oppressive power and to put pressure on the legitimacy government to have some political gains.
The conference discussed nine axes concentrating on the crimes and violations of Al-Houthi coup militias against civilians including children, women and intellects as these violations are considered as terrorist acts according to international laws and conventions since the coup of these militias against the legitimacy government in 2014.

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