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Al-Merkashy Delivers a Speech in Front of of the 37th Meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Geneva – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Dr. Efendi Al-Merkashy, member of the national assembly of the southern transitional council, delivered a speech in front of the 37th meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday March 22nd, 2018. SAMA News is publishing the speech.
Liberation Organization and the Southern Observatory of Human Rights draw your attention to the fact that Southern Yemen was a sovereign state and member of the UN General Assembly before the Yemeni union was forced by war of 1994. Our southern people suffered all types of discrimination, marginalization, oppression and terrorism because of that war. In 2015 war, Al-Houthi militias added more suffering and destruction to the south and caused severe damages, eco-pollution and epidemic breakouts.
UN Security Council Decisions no. (924) and (931) issued in 1994 indicated that political conflicts can never be resolved by force. In addition, 1994 Abha Meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that the council was against the use of military power to force union between the two states.
The southern people created a new reality after defeating occupation and terrorism as they restored their control over their national soil and the southern transitional council was declared through public delegation in May 2017. All these facts are mentioned in the UN Experts Report delivered to UN Security Council in January 2018.
Therefore, we request the council to:
• Urge UN Security Council to start negotiations, through UN Delegate to Yemen, for disengagement and restoring the two states, according to article (60) of Vienna Convention of Treaties 1969, on the borders of 1990.
• Interact with southern public will and fulfill the southern people’s expectations for independence to avoid these endless conflicts in Yemen.
• Urge donating countries to fulfill its obligations and provide humanitarian aids, reconstruction and restoration of infrastructure destroyed during the war.
Finally, we think that peace, security and stability for the whole region can be easily achieved through finding permanent solutions that separate the south from conflicts on power in the north, enforcing partnership in fighting terrorism and improving the capabilities of the southern transitional council in his pursuit to establish and declare the modern federal state of the south.

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