Arab Coalition Warns Al-Houthis Against Any Threats of Saudi Arabia

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Colonel Turkey Al-Maleky, spokesman of the Arab Coalition in Yemen indicated that Al-Houthis launched 119 ballistic missiles against Saudi territories from Yemen and warned Al-Houthis against a painful military action in case they continued their threats to Saudi territories. He added that Iran is still violating international law and provides Al-Houthis with robot plans. Al-Maleky indicated that the Coalition observed the use of Sanaa airport in training, storing and launching robot plans in suicide attacks against Saudi Arabia. He also warned that Sanaa airport lost its international protection as it is turned into a military base used in military actions. He added that the airport is closely observed by the Coalition.
Spokesman of the Arab Coalition air defenses indicated that a robot plan sent by Al-Houthis to attack Abha Airport on April 11th, 2018, was shot down. The spokesman presented the plan wreckage after being shot in Jizan, adding that Al-Houthis announced their possession of robot plans labeled “Kasef”, which are identical to the Iranian robot plans (Ababeel). He refered to experts’ report of 2018 confirming that Iran provided Al-Houthis with robot plans, adding that the Arab Coalition bombed a workshop near Al-Hodeida for assembling robot plans.
Referring to the field situation in Yemen, the spokesman indicated that the Yemeni army, with backup of Arab Coalition, completely controlled the city of Midi, in addition to advances in Al-Makha as the Yemeni army is 70 km away from Al-Hodeida sea port. He also talked about victories in Shabwa. The spokesman presented images and video clips about destroying weapons deposit and buried missiles of Al-Houthi in addition to destroying tunnels in Suda, destroying a missile carrier, rocket launchers and ballistic missiles launchers in Suda.

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