At the End of Prince Mohamed Ben Salman to Cairo, a Joint Egyptian-Saudi Statement Refusing Iranian Interference with Internal Affairs of Arab States

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Cairo – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] At the end of the three-day-visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salman to Egypt, Cairo and Riyadh issued a joint statement indicating the President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi and Prince Mohamed Ben Salman are satisfied with the level of cooperation and coordination between the two countries, asserting the importance of supporting joint relations for the benefits of the two peoples in all political, security, military, cultural, educational, trade, investment and touristic aspects. The statement indicated that points of view of both parties concerning the joint issues on the regional and international stages were discussed to support and foster security and stability of the region and the whole world.
According to the statement, both parties confirmed their determination to fight terrorism and extremism as a threat to security and peace of the region and the whole world. They confirmed the importance getting rid of terrorism completely and defeating all terrorist groups, without exclusion, permanently. They also confirmed the importance of fighting any parties that support terrorism through finance, media speech or safe places.
Concerning the Palestinian issue, the statement indicated that both parties confirmed their full support of the rights of Palestinian people including his right to declare the Palestinian independent state on 1967 borders with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital, according the Arab Peace Initiative and all related international decisions based on the two-states solution.
Both parties confirmed that the Egyptian-Saudi cooperation is the main pillar for protecting the Arab National Security and facing foreign interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries that led to creating and increasing conflicts and terrorist activities in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.
The statement asserted the importance of supporting the political path to solve the Syrian crisis through preserving the integrity and unity of Syrian soil and fulfilling the rightful expectations of the Syrian people according to Geneva-1 declaration and UN Security Council Decision no. 2254. the statement expressed full support to the efforts of UN delegate to Syria, Stephan De Mistura and appreciated the fruitful cooperation between the two countries that led to forming a unified delegation of the Syrian Opposition in Riyadh Conference held in November 2017.
Concerning Yemen, both parties asserted the importance of preserving the integrity and Unity of Yemen through restoring security and stability in addition to supporting the legitimacy government. The statement confirmed the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis according to the Gulf initiatives and its executive mechanisms.
Both parties declared their full refusal and resentment of Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Arab Countries indicating that coordination between them in that matter is continuing as both countries are members of the Arab Commission of the Arab League concerned with facing Iranian interferences. They asserted that security of the Arab region depends on stopping all interferences in the internal affairs of the Arab countries from any regional parties as all neighboring states should be committed with principles of good neighborhood, joint interests and non-interference.
Concerning Libya, both countries confirmed their support to political solution under supervision of the UN. They asserted that the political solution is best path for solving the Libyan crisis. They declared their full support to the efforts of the UN delegate to Libya, Ghassan Salama, to reach a political solution that achieves stability and security of Libya and enables the Libyan people to get rid of all types of terrorism and extremism.

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