Details of the Assassination of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Twigary in an Ambush in Africa

SMA News – Guinea – Agencies
Close friends of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Twigary, the Saudi Islamic caller assassinated last Wednesday, shared photos and video clips of his trip to Conakry – Guinea, a few days before his assassination. “Sabq”, a Saudi newspaper, published details about the assassination of Al-Twigary according to close persons saying that an unknown person with a machine gun opened fire on Al-Twigary and his colleague Ahmed Al-Mansour, while their return from a religious ceremony. Al-Twigary was killed at once while his companion managed to survive. Activists on tweeter indicated that Al-Twigary was killed in Kantibalandogo – Guinea. Security sources indicated that Al-Twigary was killed by two bullets in the chest as he delivered a speech that some local hunters didn’t like and ambushed him during his return. You-Tube broadcasted a video clip of Al-Twigary with some Guineans in front of a lake during his visit to one of the villages. A medical source indicated that Al-Twigary died at once because of his serious wounds although he was transferred to Cancan regional hospital for treatment. According to “Sabq”, Al-Twigary worked as a lecturer in the center for Islamic Imams in Riyadh and then as a lecturer in the scientific institute of Al-Dariea. During his last days he started a calling trip to some pagan villages in Guinea.

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