Nuclear Emergency State in Russia Within Hours

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Moscow – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] According to TAS Russian media agency, president Putin was closely observing US, IK and French threats concerning a military strike against Syria, especially with the existence of Russian naval an air bases in Syria in addition to Russian troops there. US threats concentrated on striking specific areas, but after sending two US carriers in addition to 7 US destroyers, a French massive battleship and 3 British battleships near Syrian coast and increasing alert in US air bases in Germany, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Putin held a prolonged meeting with high rank Russian military commanders to discuss the situation after US president’s Tweet “Be Ready Russia Missiles are coming”. The meeting established plans for Russian military tactical retaliation against any expected attack. It is noteworthy that nearly 100 thousand Russian soldiers are deployed between the air and naval bases on Syrian soli.
TAS added that US announcement about sending a fleet from Virginia to the Mediterranean that may arrive in 4 days and that the strike might be by the end of the week made Putin wonder why USA would send another fleet if their destroyers and missiles can initiate the strike. Putin, according to TAS, concluded that the situation may need a nuclear emergency state in Russia within hours.
Observers think that Russia might launch a nuclear missile to the Mediterranean and detonate two nuclear bombs carried by the missile. This may make the Mediterranean highly polluted with radiations as a warning to USA, France and UK about using nuclear weapons as message that nuclear strikes might be launched against these countries in case they decided to use nuclear weapons.
According to TAS, Russia has 5500 nuclear missiles that can destroy earth 38 times. USA has the the same nuclear capabilities while UK and France have nuclear capabilities that can destroy half of the planet. This dangerous situation, according to TAS, is the final WWIII where human race will vanish.

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