Pentagon: 76 Missiles Targeted Berza Research Center

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Washington – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] US ministry of defense, Pentagon, indicated that military strikes against Syrian targets were specific and coordinated as three facilities, representing the infrastructure for Syrian production of chemical weapons were targeted in addition to chemical deposit stores. Pentagon said that targets were chosen to avoid hitting civilians and operations were vast, accurate and successful. Pentagon indicated that Berza research center was the first target as it was hit by 76 missiles. Destruction of this post cripples the Syrian chemical program for years. The second target was a chemical center in the middle of residential area in Damascus and that costed several raids and missiles. During the press conference about Syria, the Pentagon indicated that three building in Damascus were destroyed, and all attacking air crafts hit their targets and returned safely to bases. US president, Donald Trump ordered US military forces to launch accurate strikes on military posts inside Syria, saying that they held chemical weapons. British prime minister Terisa May said that such strikes were inevitable, while Emanuel Macron, the French president ordered a similar attack on Syria. Military strikes targeted army containers in Hems, Al-Maza airport and Berza research center in Damascus. The Pentagon indicated that US forces launched 100 out of 120 missiles used in the strikes. Syrian official TV indicated that Syrian air defensed shot down 13 missiles over Al-Keswa. The Russian ambassador to Washington considered the strikes as an insult to Putin as they came in the time when Syria was still have a chance for peace.

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