Taliban Confirms the Killing of its Deputy Leader in Pakistan in an Ari Raid

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Reuters – Peshawar – Pakistan [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Taliban confirmed the killing of a deputy leader of the organization in Pakistan in an air raid, supposed to be American, last week as leader of the organization appointed a new deputy on Monday. Pakistani security officials indicated that two air raids with two missiles, supposed to be American, killed Khaled Mahsoud, a prominent leader of Taliban, last Thursday in Bektika – Afghanistan, near the Pakistani borders. But reports of Pakistani intelligence and the Jihadist sources were contradictory. Mohamed Khurasany, official spokesman of Taliban – Pakistan, indicated that Mahsoud was killed in air raid by a robot plan in Waziristan, a northern province on the Pakistani side of the borders. He added that Mullah Fadl Allah, Leader of Taliban – Pakistan, appointed another deputy, named as Mufty Nour Waly, who, like his predecessor, will lead the organization warriors in southern Waziristan, a rough mountain region on the Afghani borders known for long as a stronghold for Pakistani and Afghani Jihadists loyal to Al-Qaeda.

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