The Monitor: State of Southern Yemen is on the way Back to the Arab World

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – USA – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] The Monitor, a US website, predicted the return of the former state of Southern Yemen to the Arab World’s map in report published on February 2nd, 2018, titled by “Separatists’ Advance May Help Them Restore Southern Yemen”. The report – translated by “Al-Mashhad Al-Arabi” said: “Like the Phoenix storm, rising from ash, the state of Southern Yemen may return to the Arab World. Southern separatists managed to control Adan, the big sea city and former capital, and they look like as if they are on their way to restore the southern republic that collapsed with the collapse of former USSR in 1990”. The Monitor indicated that conflicts between Hady’s supporters and southern separatists broke out three years ago, when Hady was expelled off Sanaa and north of Yemen by Al-Houthis. His alternative capital was established in Adan with an armed support of Saudi Arabia, UAE and other powers that supported Hady, in addition to US support. The website indicated that although Hady is of southern origins, his popularity in the south is very weak with a clear evidence of Hady’s residence in Riyadh during the past three years. The website also indicated that disappointment crawled over the southern people gradually because of Hady’s weak leadership and his flirting with Muslim Brotherhood. This led citizens of Adan to create their political organization last year. The website also indicated that even Saudis themselves are disappointed because of Hady although they will remain in his support. The Monitor concluded the report by asserting that the defeat of Hady in Adan is a clear sign in the civil war saying: “Now Hady lost the two capitals and it is obvious that it is difficult to maintain his presidential position. It is very dangerous to say that the solution of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is possible through restoring Hady’s government”.

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