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The Southern Group Launches its Activities with Participation in the Self-Determination Forum Held by the UN Human Rights Council

[su_label]SMA News – Geneva – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] On Tuesday March 6th, 2018, the southern group launched its first participation in the UN Human Rights Council – Geneva, through participating in the Self-determination forum held by the council and attended by representatives of major international associations from all over the world. Nasr Al-Esaiy, a political activist and member of the southern group, presented the southern paper for the forum.
The southern paper included three major points. The first point presented a brief history of the southern cause since British colonization and through independence, declaring the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Southern Yemen, Union with the north in 1990 and then violations against the southern people and land leading to 1994 war and occupation of the south by Ali Abdullah Saleh’s troops with assistance of Reform Party militias and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The paper also shed light on the beginning of the southern movement and second invasion of the south in 2015 by Al-Houthi militias with all horrible crimes against the southern people that led the southern people to form the southern resistance, with support of the Arab Coalition, to liberate their lands. The paper also referred to the governmental failure to provide the south with the simplest needs of living. Through this point, the paper asserted the significance of the southern transitional council as a sole political representative of the southern cause.
The second point discussed the principle of self-determination in the international law and UN Convention including UN Decision no. 2625 in October 24th, 1970, asserting the right of self-determination for all peoples.
The third point asserted the right of southern people for self-determination through two ways, according the international law:
The first way is to declare disengagement with the Arab Republic of Yemen and declaration of the Southern State as a one-sided decision because of the northern party’s failure to fulfill his commitments towards the union. The precedent of this decision is clear in the case of Arab Republic of Syria when disengaged from Arab Republic of Egypt in September 28th, 1961, as the two republics declared the union of the United Arab Republic from 1958 to 1961, but the Syrian party took a one-sided decision to disengage and redeclare the Arab Republic of Syria. The second way is through a public referendum initiated in the south for all citizens to decide either to remain with the federal state with the north or to disengage and go to the two-states solution under UN supervision.
Al-Esaiy said: “We can say that all holly legislations and human laws, including UN convention signed by all UN members including Arab Republic of Yemen in the north and Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Southern Yemen, confirm the right of the southern people in self-determination”. He also called UN and all Free men in the world to support the right of the southern people in self-determination and restoring his modern southern state.

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