Trump to Iranians: You Will See Significant Support from Us In Time

[su_label type=”warning”]SMA News – Follow-ups[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] US president, Donald Trump said that he has great respect to the Iranian people who is trying to get rid of a corrupt regimen, in a clear reference to anti-regiment protests that broke a week ago. In a tweet on his official account on tweeter, Trump addressed the Iranians saying: “You will see significant US support in time”. This tweet came after other tweets where Trump accused the Iranian regiment of financing terrorism while Iranians suffer from rarity of food supplies, inflation and lack of human rights. UN called for respecting the expression right of protesters in Iran and not to use violence against them. UN also called for dealing with protesters according to international law and asked Iranian authorities to open an independent investigation about the cases of killing and injuries.

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