UN Warns about Famine in Yemen If Embargo Continues

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Mark Lucok, deputy of UN secretary general for human affairs said that if embargo on Yemeni borders, imposed by the Arab Ally under commandership of Saudi Arabia, is not terminated soon, Yemen will witness famine. After closed discussion in the UN Security Council, Lucok said to reporters: “As you know, the Arab Ally recently imposed measures that may hinder reaching Yemen, by air, sea of roads. I told the council that if these measures are not canceled, in addition to taking five recommended steps, Yemen will witness famine, but this time it won’t look like what we saw in South Sudan when thousands suffered damage. It may even not look like Somalia famine of 2011 when 250 thousand persons died. It will be the worst famine of all for decades with expected millions to die”. Lucok identified five significant steps the arab Ally should take to avoid famine in Yemen:
Immediate resume of air services for UN and its associates of humanitarian efforts in Sanaa and Adan
Immediate guarantees for not interrupting such air services
Immediate agreement for the presence of World Food Program Ship in front of Adan sea port with no interruption of its work
Immediate assume of human aids and commercial activities in all Yemeni sea ports, especially for food, fuel and medication in addition to other basic needs
Not to delay of suspend ships inspected by UN Inspection and Investigation Mechanism and to allow these ships to anchor in Yemeni ports and resume its work as soon as possible.

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