Washington Includes Ismail Haniea, Al-Sabereen, HASM and Lewa Al-Thawra on Terrorist Lists

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Washington – Agencies [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] US ministry of foreign affair announced that Ismail Haniea, chairman of the political department of Hamas, is included in terrorism lists. In addition, the ministry included two Egyptian organizations, Lewa Al-Thawra and Sawaed Misr (known as HASM) in terrorism lists.
Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of Foreign Affair, indicated that: this step targets major terrorist groups and leaders, including two supported and run by Iran. He added: it threats stability of the middle east and weakens peace process through attacking our allies in Egypt and Israel.
Tillerson said: including Haniea, Al-Sabereen, Lewa Al-Thawra and HASM in terrorism lists aim to drain resources they need to launch more terrorist attacks. By this step we notify the American people and the international society that they represent great danger of potential terrorist acts.
Statement of US Ministry of Foreign Affair statement indicated that Ismail Haniea is the leader of HAMA, categorized as a terrorist organization in USA since 1997. He has close relations with the military wing of HAMAS that initiates armed attacks against civilians. Haniea is suspect in launching terrorist attacks against Israel and his group is responsible in killing 17 Americans in terrorist attacks. Al-Sabereen movement is a terrorist organization, supported by Iran, established in 2014 in Gaza strip and the West Bank. It leader, Hesham Salem, is a former leader of Al-Jihad terrorist organization. HASM is a terrorist group established in 2015 in Egypt. Lewa Al-Thawra is another terrorist group established in Egypt in 2016. Both organizations are related to Muslim Brotherhood and launched several terrorist attacks in Egypt.

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