With Saudi Hope for Convincing Russia to Support it, International Welcome with a UN Decision to Condemn Iran’s Acts in Yemen

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Agencies [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Saudi Arabia welcomed a decision project issued by UK, USA and France condemning Tehran because of delivering Ballistic missiles to Al-Houthi militias in Yemen. In an interview with Reuters, Adel Al-Jubair, Saudi minister of foreign affairs, said: “If this procedure is recognized, it will help Iran will be held accountable for exporting ballistic missiles to Al-Houthis and its extreme and violent acts in the region”. In his speech during Munich’ Security Conference, Al-Jubair added: “To gurantee Iran’s commitment with international law, we should take a stricter attitude towards ballistic missiles and Iran support to terrorism. Iran should be held accountable … Al-Houthis use Iranian missile regularly to target civilians in Yemen and inside Saudi Arabia”. He called for two amendments of the nuclear agreement signed with Iran in 2015. These are: “To abolish the term related to the agreement time line and to extend investigation operations to include unannounced and military sites”.
To recognize any UN decision, nine votes are necessary while the five permanent members of the UN Security Council refrain from using their Vito rights. Al-Jubair expressed his hope to convince Russia to support the decision. In case of recognition, the decision will extend UN punishments on Iran for another year to enable the fifteen members of UN Security Council to enforce penalties against “any further activities related to using ballistic missiles in Yemen”. UN independent experts observing Security Council’s penalties over Yemen indicated that they found the remains of an Iranian missile “transferred to Yemen after weapons ban” last January. Experts indicated that they didn’t find and evidence related to the identity of the provider or any mediating third party in cases of exporting Iranian missiles used by Al-Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia but they also indicated that Iran failed to stop providing, selling or transferring missiles and robot plans to Al-Houthis.

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