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Lamlas: I was forced to accept the post of governor and soon you will not see armed in Aden


The governor of Aden the capital, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, said that his acceptance of the position of governor of the capital was based on the slogan “Your brother is forced, he’s not a hero “, and that he accepted the position “to put a mark and achieve something for the people on reality.”

Lamlas, in a televised interview with him on Hadramout TV, confirmed that since the appointment until today, the governorate has been working with the available resources, and no additional budget has been spent, nor any external or local support.

Commenting on the importance of the government’s return, Lamlas said, “Its return to Aden was a necessary and urgent matter, and there is no government except on the ground, and that a government that rules from outside is not a government.”

Lamlas stressed the importance of urgently liberating Aden from bureaucratic mentalities and monotonous administrations, promising that, during the coming months, there will be no armed people in Aden, and the governorate leadership will face the random construction operations with hard hand, and it will not tolerate it.

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