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Houthi attacks on oil facilities deepen Yemen’s economic woes: gov’t

Yemen’s internationally-recognized government announced that the country’s already fragile economy faces a severe setback as Houthi rebel attacks on crucial oil facilities lead to staggering losses of nearly 1.5 billion U.S. dollars since last August.

In a high-profile UN Security Council session focused on famine and food insecurity on Thursday, Yemen’s Acting Permanent Representative to the United Nations Marwan Ali Noman revealed that the revenue from oil ports and facilities, initially earmarked for public sector salaries and improving public services, has been severely impacted.

According to Noman, the ongoing civil war has already left Yemen’s economy operating at only half of its capacity, making the economic blows from Houthi attacks even more devastating, the state-run Saba news agency reported.

The resulting financial setback has not only hindered the government’s ability to respond effectively to the growing food crisis but also deepened the existing challenges.

In his address, Noman urgently appealed to the international community to step up their support for war-ravaged Yemen.

He emphasized the need for initiatives that would boost agricultural capabilities, enhance rural infrastructure, and provide sustainable funding to ensure long-term food security.

Furthermore, Noman made a fervent plea to aid donors, urging them to fully commit to funding Yemen’s 2023 humanitarian response plan. This plan stands as a lifeline, offering a chance to provide essential services and relief for a population teetering on the brink.

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