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Japan grants Yemen $3m in aid

Japan has announced granting $3 million in aid to Yemen to help with the rehabilitation of Aden’s urban roads.
Charge d’Affaires ad interim of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Yemen ISHIBASHI Marino, and Representative and Director for the United Nations Office for Project Services Operational Hub in Amman Muhammad Usman met on September 17 in Saudi Arabia to exchange notes on the grand aid project titled “The Project for the Rehabilitation of Aden Intra-Urban Roads”.

The project intends to rehabilitate the urban highways of Aden, Yemen’s temporary capital, which have been severely damaged by the ongoing conflict as well as catastrophic events like floods and torrential rains.

Furthermore, it will contribute to the repair of roads leading to the city’s port, which Japan has also sponsored under the 2022 grant aid “The Project for the Improvement of Efficiency in the Port of Aden”.

The project contributes to the ongoing efforts of the government of Yemen to enhance the functions of Aden. Both governments are committed to working closely with the United Nations to bring peace and stability to Yemen, Arab News Japan reported.

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