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Kuwait evacuates 53 citizens of Italy after the outbreak of Corona virus

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To protect its citizens from the Corona virus, Kuwait announced that it had evacuated a number of its citizens on Saturday, after they asked to leave the Italian capital.

According to Kuwait News Agency, a private plane has evacuated citizens with the assistance of the Kuwaiti embassy in Italy, against the backdrop of the Corona virus.

Kuwait succeeded in evacuating 53 Kuwaitis who had contacted the Kuwaiti embassy to facilitate their return, and the Kuwaiti embassy in Italy confirmed that it is in continuous contact with the rest of the Kuwaitis who did not leave on Saturday’s flight, in preparation for their travel on the flights of the upcoming Kuwaiti airlines, indicating that a first plane was postponed.

Italy witnessed a leap in the increase in the number of people infected with Corona virus, as the Director of the Civil Protection Authority in Italy Angelo Borelli announced that the number of people infected with the new Corona virus reached 821 cases, while 21 people died, and 46 others recovered.

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