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Presidential honoring of the Saudi Mine Clearance Project (MASAM) with the Medal of Courage

President Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, honored the Saudi Mine Clearance Project (MASAM), represented by its Director General, Sami bin Yousef Al-Gosaibi, and the National Mine Action Program, represented by its Director-General, Brigadier General Amin Al-Uqaili, by awarding them the Sami of Courage.

On June 26, 2023, the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council issued two decisions granting the Saudi Mine Clearance Project (MASAM), the National Mine Action Program and Sami Al-Shuja, out of pride and gratitude for their role in clearing Yemeni lands of mines, materials and unexploded ordnance planted by the terrorist Houthi militias backed by the Iranian regime, in appreciation and in commemoration of the sacrifices of their righteous martyrs for the safety of the Yemeni people and their future generations.

Since the start of its work in Yemen in mid-2018, the “Masam” project has been able to clear 55,390,882 square meters and recover 436,376 mines, explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance, including 6,494 anti-personnel mines, 143,951 anti-tank mines, and 277,92 unexploded ordnance, in addition to 8,011 packages. Explosive.

Over the past years, 30 experts working on the project were martyred, while about 47 others sustained varying injuries while carrying out tasks of clearing mines and explosives.

In this context, the Director of the National Mine Action Program, Brigadier General Amin Al-Uqaili, told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), “The program cleared and removed more than 800,000 terrorist militia mines and war remnants, bringing the total of mines and unexploded materials removed in the country through the program teams and partners in The Saudi project has reached more than 1,250,000 since 2015.”

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