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Saudi Arabia Uses Digging Equipment Used in “Suez Canal” to Dig “Salwa Canal” Near Qatari Borders

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Saudi Arabia – Newspapers [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Egyptian companies are in preparation for digging the new “Salwa Canal”, parallel to Qatar, upon request of the investors ally to make use of Egyptian expertise that dug “Suez Canal”. Dr. Mustafa Badra, an Egyptian economist, indicated that the huge project of “Suez Canal” was performed in a very short time and world repots documented the astonishing Egyptian experience in digging that Canal. This was the first reason behind the desire of the investors ally to make use of Egyptian companies’ world experience in digging “Salwa Canal”. The Egyptian economist indicated that planning, design and preparation of Suez Canal project, in addition to accuracy and professionality of Egyptian man power and swift time of completion provided Egyptian workers in high world rank in that field. Dr. Sherif Al-Demardash, an Egyptian economist, confirmed Dr. Badra’s opinion about choosing Egypt to dig “Salwa Canal”, indicating that historic relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia provided Egyptian companies with an advantage, in addition to successful precedents of Egyptian companies in that field abroad. Dr. Demardash added that Egypt had a long history in construction in Saudi Arabia. Sabk Saudi newspaper previously published details about “Salwa Canal” project that is under study of Saudi government. The project will separate Qatar from the Arab Peninsula and turns Qatar into an island.

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