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UN issues flood warning for Yemen

The UN issued a flood warning for Yemen, in advance of heavy rain forecast for next week, Anadolu has reported. The warning came from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Thousands of Yemenis are at risk, said the FAO, with around 5,800 people living in threatened areas in eleven Yemeni governorates. These were named as Sanaa, Al-Mahweet, Saada, Dhamar and Ibb in the north; Hajjah, Al-Hodeidah and Rimah in the west; and Lahj, Al-Dhalea, and Abyan in the South.

The UN organisation pointed out that heavy rains fell last week and affected most regions of western and southern Yemen, especially Abyan Governorate in the South. Around 80 families were affected directly by floodwater, and there is a significant shortage of food and adequate shelter.

The rainy season began in Yemen in mid-March. The country suffers from a weak infrastructure, which worsens the effects of flooding and the suffering of the people, who lack even basic services.

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