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UN Special Envoy for Yemen concludes visit to Aden the capital

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, concluded a visit to Aden yesterday. He met with the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad Al Alimi.

During the meeting, President Al Alimi updated the Special Envoy on recent developments and ongoing discussions aimed at building confidence and alleviating the suffering of Yemenis in order to facilitate the resumption of a political process. In light of the current regional and international efforts to support the parties to reach an agreement on the way forward in Yemen, Mr. Grundberg emphasized the importance of maintaining the momentum and building on the progress achieved by the parties to date. He stressed that this can only be achieved through dialogue and political will and compromise on both sides for the benefit of the Yemeni people.

“I have engaged in a fruitful, substantive discussion with President Al Alimi on the way forward that addresses the immediate concerns of Yemenis and advances an inclusive Yemeni- led process under United Nations auspices. I remain committed to supporting a durable resolution to the conflict that reflects the will of the Yemeni people.” Mr. Grundberg said.

This visit comes as a part of the Special Envoy’s active engagements in Yemen and the region to promote an agreement that sets Yemen on a path toward an inclusive settlement.

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