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Vice President and Secretary General of the Southern Transitional Council Meet Martin Griffith, UN Envoy to Yemen

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[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap]heikh Hany Ben Brik, vice president of the southern transitional council, and Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, secretary general of the council, met Mr. Martin Griffith, UN Envoy to Yemen, in the Emirati Capital, Abu Dhabi. The meeting discussed recent efforts to establish peace and reach an inclusive political settlement to the conflict in Yemen.
Ben Brik and Lamlas appreciated the efforts of Mr. Griffith and asserted the council’s support to these efforts. They also asserted the importance of reaching a fair solution to the southern cause as a basis for solving the Yemeni conflict.
Fadl Al-Gaadi and Ali Al-Kuthairi, members of the council’s presidency, attended the meeting.

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