Commemorating the anniversary of the demise of the poet Al-Mihdhar in Al-Shehr

Hadramaut Governorate, on Monday, witnessed the commemoration of the 24th anniversary of the demise of the great poet and author Hussein Abu Bakr Al-Mihdhar in his hometown of the city of Al-Shehr, which falls on February 5 every year.

The activities included a visit to the tomb of the poet Al-Mihdhar, the Al-Mihdhar Museum, to learn about its contents and the late poet’s belongings, and the museum’s wings, which monitor the most prominent stages of his life and artistic career.

The Youth Welfare Society hall hosted a lecture by researcher Riyad Awad Bashraheel, entitled (Signs of renewal in the language of love and adoration among Al-Mihdhar), which dealt with images of Al-Mihdhar’s genius and genius through his poetry and eloquence in photography, which made him present exceptional poems that enabled him to excel and renew Arabic lyrical poetry.

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