Mukalla witnesses the largest Iftar in Yemen

The city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut Governorate witnessed the longest Iftar meal, sponsored by the UAE Red Crescent Authority.

The Authority raised the slogan “A Journey of Goodness for Good People,” as part of the Authority’s ongoing efforts to enhance solidarity and cooperation among members of society.

Nearly 3,000 people participated in the meal, and it was held on the pier of Khor Al-Mukalla, with wide participation from the people of the governorate and volunteers, in which many individuals from different age and community groups came to participate in this charitable event.

The Ramadan event, organized by the youth of Mukalla, in cooperation with productive families, aimed to enhance social solidarity, provide an opportunity for communication and cohesion among members of society, and enhance the spirit of love and giving in the blessed month of Ramadan.

The site was distinctively prepared to receive guests, by providing various Ramadan Iftar equipment and supplies, and providing complete and balanced meals to the participants, who expressed their happiness and gratitude to the sponsors and participation in organizing the event, which represented an opportunity and occasion for communication and strengthening social ties between members of the community.

The Iftar meal comes as part of a series of charitable events organized by the youth of Mukalla in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent Authority, with the aim of promoting human values and social solidarity.

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