The first female musical group to be established in Aden

After months of training at the hands of music specialists, the first female musical group was born in the city of Aden in southern Yemen, opening the doors of hope for the revival of the art movement and restoring the role of Yemeni women in general.

The director of the Culture Office in Aden the capital, musician Ahmed Saleh Bin Ghodal, said in a statement that the establishment of a women’s artistic band came after the band members underwent training that lasted for three months at the hands of the artists Wahib Al-Jaradi and Jamil Shamakh, with the support of the Development and Arts Foundation under the supervision of the Culture Office.

He said, “It is a wonderful and beautiful thing for the city of Aden to rise and regain its health through the fine art it represents, and its culture in the past and present,” which he described as a pioneering city in artistic, lyrical and cultural work in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region, especially art, theater and cinema.
Bin Ghodal pointed out the continued training of participants in the women’s artistic group to become representatives in spreading positive culture such as melodies, wonderful art, and music through its participation in concerts and cultural and artistic festivals.

For his part, the music artist Wahib Al-Jaradi, who supervised the preparation of the women’s band, said that ten girls underwent intensive training in playing music using the oud and other instruments such as the violin and piano as part of the “Art is My Profession” project, which aims to train women in the field of cultural management and playing musical instruments.

Specialists believe that establishing a women’s musical group in Aden will restore to this ancient city a glimmer of hope in creating a cultural, artistic and singing movement. It will also restore its natural status as one of the most prominent incubators of art and singing despite the harsh war conditions that the country is going through.

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