10 Points for History about the Southern Movement

Waddah Ben Atia
Waddah Ben Atia

·        The Southern Movement is a popular revolution that no force, country, party or organization managed to obliterate

·        The Southern Movement did not blackmail the Arab Ally. Instead, it fought Iran’s agents and formed an ally with gulf States to fight militias although these States did not recognize it.

·        The Southern Movement was the child of suffering that established patriotic bases and never refused to receive any citizen willing to join

·        The Southern Movement was accused of terrorism while it actually represents the only honest front against terrorism. It was accused of conspiracy with Iran while it was the first to defeat Iran’s project in Yemen.

·        The Southern Movement is the greatest revolution in the world and one day it will be taught in academies. What makes it unique is that any leader who abandons it became isolated without affecting the path of revolution.

·        The Southern Movement demanded the right to decide fate for Southern Yemen, not revenge of whom abused Southern Yemen.

·        Every party and organization tried to clone the Southern Movement but failed

·        The Southern Movement Prevailed while all those conspired against it vanished

·        The Southern Movement is the only revolution of the world that carries a fair cause that no one supported but it resisted and never defeated

·        The Southern Movement was never seduced by temptations and when its enemies thought it disappeared, it came back stronger than a volcano


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