Painful Moments

Ala Al-Din Al-Saikaly

The attack was launched at the same time of Arab Ally air raids on Sanaa.
Where were terrorist hiding? And who urged them?
Why did Ben Doghr flee without even expressing sorrow and sympathy, as if nothing had happened?!!!
Positive Aspects:
All leaderships of the southern resistance, despite personal conflicts of some leaders supports by the legitimacy government residing in Riyad, are unified again.
Intelligence system proved very fragile and should be strengthened
All security units should be under one unified commandership
Southern resistance members should be integrated into security and military forces
Negative aspects:
Causalities of innocent citizens are very severe while some of the so-called “social media activists” are mocking this or that commander and forget all about the enemy.
At last, SAMA News – Cairo expresses its deep sorrow and sends sympathies for our fellow Southern Citizens inside and outside the south for that coward criminal act that targeted Adan and the whole south.

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