A Message to the World

Written by \ Alaa Adel Hanash
Whoever is delusional that he is able to drop the flag of the free state of the South in a southern land, and replace it with the flag of the so-called “Yemeni unity” is delusional, and is closer to madness!
The best men, youth, children and women of the South fell for that lofty southern flag to be raised high.
It is this pure blood that charted the path of the people of the South towards achieving the supreme goal of restoring the state of the South with its full sovereignty over its internationally known geographical and political borders before May 21, 1990, and its eternal capital, Aden.
Likewise, whoever tries to insult any southerner “man or woman” will enter into a spiral that has no end or beginning, as violating the dignity of the southerner or attempting to transgress it that is a red line that will not be forgiven for whoever thinks of committing it.
Southern dignity has no price, and no one would dare to reach it even if he had the power of the whole world.

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