A Moment of Pain

Ala Al-Din Al-Sieqaly

Ala Al-Din Al-Sieqaly

Southern writer
We all know who is behind the terrorist acts of Adan and the reasons behind choosing this exact time. We all know that these acts target the victories achieved by anti-terrorism forces, Adan Security Department, Security Belt Forces. Shabwa elites and Hadhramaut Elites against terrorist groups and criminal gangs related to Reform Party and Muslim Brotherhood supported by Turkey, Qatar and those who escaped to Riyadh and Ankara. Those who are talking about the legitimacy and exhaust the Arab Coalition couldn’t liberate a centimeter in northern territories. Instead, they fight on social media only to attack UAE and the Arab Coalition who really work for supporting innocent civilians to survive. When UN decided to open an office in Adan, Adan was attacked again. These terrorist acts will never make us give up our goal to achieve liberation and independence from this barbaric occupation. We are determined to eliminate terrorism from the south, by the will of the southern people and under commandership of the southern transitional council, Adan security Department and anti-terrorism forces with full support of our brothers in the Arab Coalition. Only by that the south will restore security and peace. God bless the soles of martyrs and we wish quick healing for the wounded. A revolution to victory.

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