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About the Second Regular Round of the Southern National Assembly in Al-Makla Professor Al-Wali: “Our Expectations Will Come True and We Promise We Will Never Fail You”

Written by: Professor Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali
Member of the Southern National Assembly
Chairman of Local Leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden
[su_spacer size=”10″] [su_dropcap]G[/su_dropcap]ood evening our beloved South
Good evening Aden
These days, we are all looking at Al-Makla, the second capital of the south and its intellectual and civilizational oasis, where the second regular round of the southern national assembly will be held according to directives of president Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi. General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairman of the assembly, and all leaders of the assembly, are busy arranging this round accurately. To be held in Al-Makla, this round is a significant message.
The assembly will discuss many relevant issues, including support of all efforts to stop war and establish peace. The assembly will reassert the importance of returning to 1990 borders for the benefit of the two countries and for restoring security and stability in the regions and the whole world. We will also assert that after liberation, the south is deprived of security, stability and development just because military and political northern powers want the south as hostage till final settlement is achieved, especially after these powers abandoned the north. They want to turn the liberated south and all its forces into playing cards to gain as much benefits as possible including massive amount of aids that will be either used as needed or used as bargaining tool with influential powers of the north to gain more benefits from the southern fortunes at the expense of the southern people.
The assembly will remind again that a national unity government in the south that start to put things in order and use southern fortunes optimally, away from current miss, will lead to security, stability, development and reconstruction. This is the optimum solution right now. Everyone is dedicating all efforts to prevent Iranian expansion in the north and to limit the influence of Iran'[s allies through helping northern national powers to reunite and define its future options. If these efforts lead to a national unity government in the north, both governments can work out a peaceful solution through negotiations to restore the two states without any damage to any party. In our point of view, this is the only safe solution that will lead to security, stability and development for both peoples in the north and south. We will remind the world that the southern people is looking for an active role for the United Nations and other regional countries to achieve this goal and pave the way to its success as it is for the benefit of the region and the world in addition to preventing causes of future wars and uncontrollable chaos.
The national assembly will support all efforts that foster national unity and national awareness. We will support the continued and open national dialogue and will assert our deep blood relations with our brothers in the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE. We will also renew our partnership in fighting terrorism and protecting interests of neighboring countries without abandoning our national sovereignty. We will discuss the situation in Hadhramaut, Shabwa, Al-Mehra, Socotra and Mukiras seriously with all means of resolving all conflicts and overcoming all obstacles. We will assert that the south is one unit that can never be divided while we maintain our privacy and our way of life in addition to our right in equal, fair and qualified shares in power, fortunes and living under law and order as a regimen chosen by the southern people. We will assert that the council will lead the transitional stage with partnership of all southern national powers. The council will sacrifice every thing for the security, stability and sovereignty of the south in addition to optimum use of its fortunes and optimum management of its resources.
The assembly will discuss the relation with the legitimacy government to facilitate the administrative and service work of its local departments. This is to facilitate life for citizens on condition that all suspicious political moves by some of the government’s agents that serve certain political projects in twisted ways should be stopped as they are very clear and unacceptable.
Tries to market the outcomes of the so-called national dialogue, refused by the southern people and even didn’t achieve full agreement among Yemenis, are denounced as a path that only leads to conflicts through direct provocation of the southern people. What was said about including these outcomes in school curricula is very serious and illegal as it is a try to impose a rejected point of view and anyone who tries to do so should assume full responsibility about its consequences that threaten social security and stability.
The assembly will discuss supporting security in the liberated southern governorates and maintaining national unity in addition to punishing those who try to manipulate the economic pillars of the south like seaports and oil refineries. We will denounce all acts that target manipulation of civil plans and lands of southern cities including Aden and such acts will be deterred. Media is top priority to the assembly especially methods of improving its quality and expanding its range and activities.
The assembly has a highly charged agenda to discuss for the benefit of the southern people and security and stability of the whole region. We trust the courage and wisdom of General Ben Brik that will facilitate the efforts to reach best results and solutions, especially with all qualified cadres, intellects and politician of the south who are members of this assembly.

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