Aden, which triumphed over terrorism, will triumph over corruption

Written by: Mukhtar Al-Yafei
Aden, our beloved capital, carries a great history of patience, steadfastness and strength. It suffered for a long time under the weight of occupation, chaos and terrorism, but it was able to liberate, rise and triumph over those difficult circumstances.

The capital, Aden, not only escaped occupation and terrorism, but also began an ongoing journey to fight corruption and build a better future for its people.

In recent years, the capital, Aden, has witnessed persistent efforts to achieve stability and reconstruction under the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council and with the support of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The southern armed forces succeeded in clearing the territory of the capital, Aden, of the Houthi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups and their tools, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and restored Security and stability.

However, the challenges are far from over, as corruption remains a major obstacle to achieving sustainable development and prosperity for citizens.

But the strong will and firm determination of the senior political leadership represented by His Excellency President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, may God protect and preserve him, the local authority led by His Excellency the Minister of State, Governor of the capital Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, and the city’s civil society reflect their determination to confront this hidden enemy.

The capital has witnessed tangible steps towards combating corruption, including enhancing transparency through electronic connectivity for local revenue collection, applying justice in the fight against corruption, strengthening the role of oversight institutions and encouraging the participation of citizens and the private sector in oversight processes.

Moreover, Aden’s growing economy enhances development opportunities and creates new spaces for work and investment, which reduces opportunities for corruption and promotes sustainable economic growth. By strengthening good governance and encouraging transparency, Aden and the rest of the southern governorates can achieve complete victory over corruption, just as they defeated the occupation. And terrorism.

In short, despite the presence of some shortcomings, imbalances, and security problems, Aden represents a wonderful model of resilience and defiance in the face of security, economic, and political challenges.

As its efforts continue to combat corruption and promote development, the future of Aden appears promising and bright, as this ancient city will continue to emit a spirit of determination and aspiration towards a better future.

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