Al-Houthis …. A Coup or Separation??

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

A southern political writer

I don’t remember that Ismail Wald Al-Sheikh or any other foreign party describing Al-Houthis as a De Facto Authority. This means that Al-Houthis are practically a separatist movement without announcing, or even knowing that what they do is actually against president Hady’s legitimacy. The purpose of their separation is to restore the Imam regimen, overthrown by September 26th. 1963 coup in Northern Yemen.
International Law and UN do not recognize separation that legally is contrary to disengagement. Separation is known by taking part of an existing State to establish another State while disengagement means separation od two states that decided to join and then one of them decided to restore its full sovereignty. This is simplified comparison between the two conditions without details or examples.
Therefore, although there is no official recognition of this separation, some parties recognize the De Facto Authority that dominates parts of the state through military, security and political exercise of power. This may explain why the legitimacy troops, with its northern commandership, didn’t enter Sanaa although they can do so on the military context. Is that a part of the scenario of upcoming settlement? Do Al-Houthis represent the only De Facto Authority? Or there are others somewhere?

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