Al-Sakkaf Calls for UAE and UN to Sieze Saleh’s Money and to Spare the Southern Share

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

Professor of International Law
First, let me express my deep condolences to the family of the former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh, especially his son Ahmed. I send my condolences although I cannot forget all his crimes against the Yemeni people and the southern people.
Concerning huge sums of money Saleh illegally robed from the southern fortunes, especially after 1994 war, while he was president of the state of union under the title of Arab Republic of Yemen, I hereby call for UN and UAE, with all its friendly relations with the south, to spare the share of the south from Saleh’s wealth and his numerous bank accounts and investments.
We call for UN, represented in the persona of Ismail Wald Al-Sheikh, Un delegate to Yemen, to prevent Al-Houthi militias from dispensing this wealth, as they declared to do, until the share robbed from the south is specified and reallocated for reversing damages caused by Saleh’s regimen to the southern infrastructure as he is responsible for things that can only be described as crimes.
So, are UAE and UN willing to respond properly to these fair demands? I hope so.

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