Al-Yafei: The Governor of Aden bravely fights corruption lobby

SMA NEWS – ADEN the capital

The journalist Yasser Al-Yafei confirmed that the governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, is fighting the tools of corruption of Brotherhood legitimacy, to prevent it from torturing citizens and creating crises.

He revealed in a tweet Twitter, on Wednesday: “Since 2015, they have been running Aden with their corrupt tools, creating crises and torturing the citizens with the aim of achieving political gains, and woe to those who try to harm these tools.”

He stressed that: “Today, Lamlas bravely fights these tools and confronts a corruption lobby and a deep state, so everyone should stand with him in the face of this lobby,” concluding with the hashtag: “Lamlas confronts the corruption lobby.”

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