Ali Al-Tuaity and the Repeated Muslim Brotherhood Discourse

Mohamed Al-Ghaithy

Mohamed Al-Ghaithy

Vice chairman of Department of Foreign Affairs

Southern people should be aware that the analyst Ali Al-Tuaity made a major mistake towards the Arab Ally, under commandership of Saudi Arabia and the southern people as well when he accused the southern people to be agents for Iran and threatened them with war.
The official Saudi attitude, and the attitudes of all countries of the Arab Ally, praised the southern role as an Arab patriotic resistance against the Iranian project. More important, they praised the liberation operations initiated by the southern resistance while others failed to liberate a single governorate.
By accusing the southern people to be the second gate of Iran while the Arab Ally troops are on southern soil from Maioun in the west to Al-Mehra in the east, is a stupid indirect try to destroy all achievements of the Arab Ally in the southern governorates.
This is not a strange discourse. On the contrary, it is the same Muslim Brotherhood repeated discourse, with an enhance “Tuaitian” flavor, that we heard before on Al-Jazeera, Al-Alam and all other media channels supporting Muslim Brotherhood that the Arab Ally countries considered as a terrorist organization.
More dangerously, Al-Tuaity is trying to send a message that the Arab Ally is forcing southern people to what he desires while the Arab Ally clearly said that the mission is to defeat the coup led by Al-Houthi and to cut off Iran’s arms in the region so that the people can make up their political options.
Al-Tuaity is repeating Al-Houthi and Saleh’s speech about union or death, but this time he is trying to convince the audience that Saudi Arabia and the Arab Ally troops will be ready to enforce that option. This is a serious situation that may put Al-Tuaity under legal liability in Saudi Arabia because of what he is saying.
The glorious Saudi official attitude can never be besmirched by such talks and the southern people will never forget it. We are not Al-Tuaity. Instead, we appreciate the Saudi efforts in helping us to liberate and control our lands.
Finally, we will always stick to our rights and only the southern people decides his rights. The southern people was not, and will never be, defeated under air raids of Sanaa or terrorist attacks of Islamic terrorists. Such words, coming from Al-Tuaity or anyone else, will never stop our pursuit of our rights.

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