All Parts of Shabwa, Especially Bihan, will always Remain Part of the South

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sakkaf

Southern Political Writer
According to my reading, the creation of Bihan military operations axis is a military, not administrative, decision that may impose a new administrative division taking Bihan from Shabwa. I don’t know the military reasons behind issuing the decision currently. It is sad that the decision is raising negative reactions because the decision is not transferring Bihan and its fortune to Mareb, that for long tried to take parts of Shabwa. The matter may become very serious if these military decisions are later translated into administrative ones like what happened about linking Bab Al-Mandeb to Taiz. In all cases, I remind you with what Stalin did when he joined the three Baltic Sea states to the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev tried to bargain its independence according to the administrative borders not its recognized international borders. But administrative decisions are less powerful than international law. Therefore, the three states regained its international borders. This will happen again in the south after disengagement. The south will restore its international borders before the union, no matter the tries of manipulating these borders are. The decisions are bothering but will never change the international borders of the south.

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