Amending the Gulf Initiative to Continue Arab Victories

Gamal Ba Hurmuz

Southern Writter
Enemies of the Arab world always become victorious because they play in your court, but when the Arabs play in the enemies’ courts, they victor. This is because when the enemies come to your court, they can use their supporters, as the fifth column and sleeping cells, to manipulate the playing cards. But when you play on the enemies’ court, you will be able to neutralize their supporters and use your supporters inside the enemies’ front to help you, even logistically. For example, when Israel invaded Lebanon, it used terrorist organizations loyal to Israel to destroy Lebanon in 1980s. Iran did the same thing in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and northern Yemen. All these “Arab” countries became loyal to Iran and the same thing is being tried with southern Yemen and the rest of Arab countries.
On the contrary, when Egypt attacked Israel in October War, Egypt achieved a glorious victory for the Arab nation and secured its northern gate. The same thing happened when Saddam Hussain achieved the Iraqi victory against Iran and secured the eastern gate against the Persian expansion.
When southern resistance forces and southern army fight in the north of Yemen, they achieve victories and secure the internal front of the south. These forces became the sole representative of the real legitimacy that fight for the national security and existence of the Arabs, in cooperation with the Arab Coalition air forces.
But do international laws and systems, UN Security Council Decisions and the three references, most important of them is the Gulf initiative, legitimize this war and establish a solid base for further Arab victories? The answer is no. if the Arab Coalition doesn’t recognize the serious situation of the south in the light of the current form of the the Gulf initiative, the disaster will be inevitable. The initiative considers the south as part of the the republic of Yemen and its cause should be considered inside the framework of the union. Using the initiative as it is without amendments will return the south again to the doors of Yemen.
After liberation war in 2015, the same rules and regulations of borders are still used, according to the Gulf initiative, by both governments, the legitimate one in Adan and Riyadh and coup government in Sanaa. These rules and regulations allow any northern citizen, a worker who seeks a job, a refugee, a political refugee, a resistance member, a wounded person, a killer, a hitman or even a gangster, to head south and reside in any place according to his Yemeni ID!!
Accordingly, governors of the north, those who are in Sanaa or those who govern from Adan and Riyadh, expressed clearly that their top priority is to foster the union while their conflict over power can be resolved through negotiations. This is why we don’t see serious acts in battel fronts as both parties coordinate their efforts to send their troops and militias to disturb the situation in the southern governorates, especially Adan. Thousands of escaped terrorists, extremists and killers of the north are now residing in Adan and controlling its mosques and organizations with the help of influential persons of the legitimacy government. They of course benefit from borders rules and regulations asserted by the Gulf initiative with its current form.
It is true that the three references benefit the south in one case: continuous fight against armies that attack its borders. But the same three references clearly indicate that any consensus government will be divided into 50% for the Conference party and its allies and 50% for the Reform party and its allies. By that, the three references only serve northern political components without any recognition to the south, while a new situation was created after the war. This means that the initiative should be amended, not to abolish the three references.
It is clear that, on the long run, war will never lead to a solution. But the war itself is a lie, created in Riyadh through the proposal of the six regions just to drive Al-Houthis and northern components to refuse it. And this will be the excuse to hit them under the seventh chapter. This was the key to destroy the northern gangs, to the Coalition countries and the international society. This will continue until all gangs of the north are fully exhausted. Only then, new terms will be added, and they will forcefully accept it. I think this is the time to do so.
Adding new terms to the initiative will never affect the references of UN or general framework of the state. A new term can give the south self-governance region under a federal state with the right of self-determination as geopolitical situations are pretty clear and mature. As for the north, let the conflicting parties decide to make it one or ten regions, depending on the power of legitimacy and how sincere it is in its war against mutineers or who week it is.
The south with its geographic location, see, air and ground corssings that belong to the Arab nation indicates that this nation should preserve the south and disengage it from the north through self-governance synchronized with self-determination referendum. This is because after three years of war it is clear that the north is out of the Arab embrace for good. Securing the borders of the Saudi Arabia and Gulf states while leaving the south as a sitting duck for the north will eliminate the south first then the rest of the Gulf states. After that, Tehran will declare its victory over the Arab Coalition in Yemen, north and south. This will join the Gulf states to the train of neglected states like Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Qatar.
What supports our demand for amending the Gulf initiative is the fact that the whole world sees that initiative currently as failure. Appointing northern ministers related to northern powers known with its corruption and fostering of terrorism will only lead to failure governments that will subsequently lead to the failure of the Coalition to achieve its goals of this war. This means that the international society expects to add new terms to the initiative that consider new situation on the ground after liberation of the south. We call for amendments not abolishing the the initiative as its abolishment means to abolish the three references.
The political guarantee for this amendment is the new situation on the ground. Before the southern transitional council, the south faced major difficulties to find a real representative. This was the excuse of internal and external powers. But now, after the declaration of the council, there is no excuse. It is necessary for the Coalition states, the international society and president Hady to deal with the southern transitional council as a real representative delegated by the southern people, at least in the southern governorates.

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