Back Off Our Lands

Nadia Abdullah

Southern Announcer and Media Specialist
The death triad is still determined to miss up with the south. They desperately try to seize our destiny although they know well that what they are trying and planning for is impossible. They are trying to restore their so-called union in a foolish manner that resembles their barbaric life in the north.
The south is the land of civilization, culture, freedom, dignity and revolution. Victories of the southern people turned into nightmares for them and confronted them with the fact that they have no place in our lands.
We don’t want to know what happened. We don’t need explanations for their arrogant ambitions. We don’t want to be part of their fierce self-serving dreams that are built on greed. Just, back off the free land of the south.
They are planting seeds of death everywhere. They burnet our children before the eyes of their mothers. But, we are the true meaning of courage, honor and sacrifice. So, you may learn these values from us while you remain expelled off the hall of honor and heroism.
The southern people uncovered your vicious conspiracies and blocked the ways in front of your evil dreams. The southern people restored solidarity against your betrayal. You deceived more than seventy-five thousand persons to fight for you and even that didn’t do you good.
It is time to admit your defeat. It is time to admit the humiliating fact of your mercenaries who tried to scare innocent children who courageously carried the flags of their ribbed state in front of your guns and tanks without fear. It is time to know that the will of the southern people, children, youth, men and women, that will determine the destiny of the south. So, save your dignity, if you still have any, and back off the south.

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