Be Patient #Shabwa ..!

Dr.. Abdul Nasser Al-Wali

Member of the Transitional Council Presidency, head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden the capital


To our families in Shabwa, we greet you with peace,

You suffer, and we suffer because you suffer..
You have subjugated them, by your rejecting, withstanding, and defying, so they stabbed you from behind.
You thought you were supplying them with oil, money and even men, because you are the people of generosity, magnanimity, and dignity..
You thought they needed the support to go back to their homes in Sana’a, but they turned their weapons behind your backs, targeting your homes and your families.
You get martyred in Saada, Al-Jawf, Mokayras, Al-Hodeidah, Al-Dhalea, Yafea, and Sabbiha, thinking that you have the same enemy, thinking that your enemy is one and must be confronted.
It did not come to your mind that they would reward you with this penalty.
You keep your promises while they betray you, and you insist on loyalty and they insist on treachery.
You know nothing but loyalty, and they are only fluent in betrayal.
To our families in Shabwa we envy you for your honor, dignity and pride.
You only know victory and nothing deters you from it but martyrdom
Your enemy tasted shame and disgrace by you, and you filled us with pride and honor
Be patient Shabwa, be patient Laqamosh, be patient our people in every village and house, victory is only an hour of patience.

To King of Arabia, Salman..

After the Riyadh Agreement, the blood has been shed again in Shabwa ..!
We did not go to them, so what brought them to us?
We were satisfied with you as judge and patron. Were they satisfied with you ….?!
Our enemy and yours are in Sana’a…Why are their enemy in Aden …?

Mr. Martin Griffiths ..

Isn’t it enough all of this blood that was shed and lives that were taken in the south as price for freedom? ….Don’t the people of the south need the United Nations protection ….?!
You told us that the world will not allow a humanitarian catastrophe in Hodeidah
What about Al-Dhalea and Shabwa?.. Don’t you see what is going on there as a humanitarian catastrophe …?!
Or do you agree with us that what is really happening is a catastrophe, but for you it is not humanitarian…?

“To our people in the south.”

The promoters for unity, once again, chanting:
(Unity or Death) They mean “oil and gas” for them… death and destruction for us.
We are the Southerners, we will let the world know that we..
By Allah, Lord of the Throne, we will not submit to the corrupt tyrant and his aides
“If the sky above us is burning, and the universe is shaking with its volcano”

Happy New Year

You celebrate the New Year, this is your right …! but for us, excuse us.
We have martyrs who need to be buried,
Unfortunately, after the Riyadh Agreement, they fell with betrayal from behind their backs.
We have wounded people who need treatment,
Perhaps we can no longer treat them after the Riyadh Agreement,
We have distressed families and homes,
Maybe we will not be able to take care of them after the Riyadh Agreement,

They test our patience and we are done …!


The capital, Aden
January 1, 2020


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