Begging…Is it a suffering or a job?

Written by\ Adel Hamran
Hardly a few minutes pass without a beggar approaches my car that is parked in front of a Hospital in Aden the capital, and each beggar has a different story, demands, and suffering. For many of them, my heart does not yearn, as if I see lies in their eyes. Others make me confused, and my thoughts mix between their honesty and their lies, and there are only a few who see their pain precede them and their modesty. Their questions precede and you see in their eyes the worries of the years and the cruelty of time, and the worries of a homeland lost between unjust gangs wearing formal suits and tidy clothes who are considered our leaders and guardians, and in reality they do not care about anything about our affairs except their own interests.

In my country, you find a lot of beggars turning to money exchange shops. If you try to evade and say, “I don’t have a money exchanger,” he takes the initiative and takes out his money and expresses his willingness to exchange any amount for you. Others ask for money, and if you don’t have it, give them a glass of water or a drink (anything available), and if there is not give a little qat, and that is the least to give. Giving may not depart from your sight until you give it as if it were your duty, and among the human torrent of beggars the compass has been lost and it has become difficult to distinguish between those who leave out of need and those who have begun to use begging as a profession and have found themselves unable to live without it, and those who want to help the simple have become the livelihood of children, and the blood of his heart is unable to put his riyals in the hands of the person who deserves it, while many people, like myself, have stopped paying any penny until be convinced that who is in front of him is worthy…and that is enough.

The annoying thing is that many people are devising new plans to move people’s hearts, including those who carry a child on their back and run around the length and breadth of the city, and others who use begging crutches and girls who display their beauty and bodies for the purpose of obtaining a few riyals, and all of them are excused by the bad situation and difficult circumstances, while if they had made part of the effort they use it to beg by inventing any work that they believe will make their lives, dignity, and income much better. What is worrying is that there are those who beg in a rude and arrogant language, and if you give it to him, he claims against you as if he is certain that his prayers will penetrate the gates of heaven and come true. If that were the case, why does he not pray for himself so that Allah may change his condition and people may be relieved of their suffering? gluttonous;;; But what is sad about the matter is the absence of the responsible authorities for all of these people, and do they have any duty towards the thousands of exhausted, tired and beggars, and who is responsible for all of these before we find that the numbers of beggars exceed the numbers of the indigenous population, and Allah is the best disposer of affairs.

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