Ben Aidan: Declaring the Southern National Assembly is a Great Work and we Believe its Patriotic Work Will Correct Any Mistakes or Limitations

[su_label type=”info”]SAMA News – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″][su_label type=”info”]Amman – SMA – PIC[/su_label][/su_spacer] Dr. Hussain Lakour Ben Aidan, a southern political analyst, indicated that the declaration of the southern national assembly fulfills the need for continuous steps towards achieving the main objectives of the southern revolution. He added that only hard work can correct any mistakes, limitations or remarks on the the assembly and puts it on the right path. Ben Aidan indicated that the assembly is the first fruit of the southern struggle towards liberation and restoring its free state. He also indicated that some people will not be satisfied with the formation of the assembly, either because they are against the objectives of the southern revolution or because they think they deserve to be members in it. Furthermore, he indicated that the national assembly can only be judged through its work that will clarify any mistakes or limitations and correct them.

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