Ben Brik: The Brotherhood tried with us to hand over positions to the Houthis, and we refused


The Vice-President of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani bin Brik, said that there are several factors behind the delay in resolving the situation in the north against the Houthi movement, and the main factor is the presence of the Brotherhood in this war, indicating that they are the reason for this delay.

Ben Brik revealed in a series of tweets that the Brotherhood started to handing over their positions from the first moments the repel of the Houthi aggression appeared, and they tried with the Southern Resistance to hand over their positions, but the Resistance refused.

Ben Brik said: “There cannot be a single factor for delaying the finish the battle against the Houthi in the north, and its continued dispatch of missiles and drones. There is no doubt that there are several factors, including what is major and bears the largest part of this delay, and when talking about this kind of factors, without a slightest doubt there comes the existence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the file of the war as one of the biggest factors prolonging it. ”

He added in another tweet: “After the liberation of Aden in Ramadan 2015, I said that the north will not be liberated unless the Muslim Brotherhood is removed from running the war in the north.”

Ben Brik said: “We succeeded in the south quickly for this reason, and we did not enable the Muslim Brotherhood from any front after they caused the fall of Mualla and Tawahi.”

he added, “They tried repeatedly with us to hand them over fronts sites, and we refused to do so.”

Ben Brik said in a third tweet: “How can you convince a sane person that the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which is classified as terrorist in Saudi Arabia, will cooperate with Saudi Arabia in its battle against the expansion of Iran, the organization’s historical ally !!!

This is impossible … the entry of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen – Islah – is in coordination with the Brotherhood international organization and with the Brotherhood in Saudi. ”

Ben Brik drew another tweet: “The resistance in the south used to receive no directives except from the Saudi-led coalition, as there is no party that directs the resistance, and there is no pledge to party leadership, on the contrary is the case with members of the Muslim Brotherhood who withdraw from camps, cities and fronts simply by only a call from a party leadership.”

Ben Brik continued, “Our battle in the south was led by the coalition, and it succeeded.”

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