Bless the efforts of struggle in Hadramout valley

Written by: Dr. Hussein Al-Aqel
To the militants of our southern people in the valley and desert of Hadramout, our hearts and feelings look forward to your fighting spirits and your enthusiastic determination as you prepare for the morning hours to express your peaceful demands by rejecting the methods of Yemeni pedantry and fraud, to try to underestimate and ignore the meanings of your political, social and economic choices in the need to deport the armies of oppression and arrogance and the elements of extremism and occupying Yemeni terrorism and the usurpers of the sovereignty of your lands Hadrami.
Yes, heroes, men, youth and women, listen to the Arab and international public opinion with your just and legitimate demands for the exit of the armies of intruders and strangers who plunder the bounties and wealth of your land without shame or shyness from the conscience of human values, they claim that they are in their land inherited to them from their ancestor Al-Aswad Al-Ansi or with the permission of Al-Farsi. Bless your efforts and may Allah grant you success and protect you
All sincere appreciation and respect to you.

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