But what about checking credibility?

Written by \ Salah bin Laghbar
Torturing any human being is a horrific crime, reprehensible and reprehensible.
But what about checking credibility?
I contacted a large number of security belt commanders in Abyan, and all of them confirmed that the published news about the torture of a northern citizen is incorrect, and those who accuse the security belt must prove it.
We saw in this false incident an outcry from most of the northern journalists and activists, and all of them confirmed the news as if they had witnessed the incident with their eyes and without any evidence or investigation of credibility. Their only concern is that the accused is from the south, and that is enough.
Even journalists who know that the first principle in their profession is to investigate the credibility of any news and not to deal with it before verifying its authenticity, they quickly embraced goodness with joy.
Although the news contradicts many facts, for example:
There are millions of northerners living in the South, respected and honored, no one has touched them, rather, they control all aspects of the state and the economy, and yet no one has stopped them.
– Allah Almighty says: And if an evil-doer comes to you with news, verify it… Did any of them burden himself to verify it?
Whoever reported the news is a well-known terrorist who permitted the blood of people and is known for lying and grudges, yet they believed while they knew that he was a liar, and that was the dawn of the rivalry.

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