Centuries ago..

Written by \ Saeed Bakran
The southern national project and the concept of partnership that it puts forward that each governorate, not just Hadramout, is the master of its decision in its military, security and civil administration, and the management of its wealth as full and undiminished.

Partnership in the concept of southern patriotism in destiny, blood, and joint defense of the right of every governorate within the framework of a federal state..
It is not a partnership in wealth and management.

Even the partnership of defense and blood will not be imposed by any southern region, but rather the whole South responds to the request of any governorate to contribute with it to the national defense.

This is the southern national project, and this is the South that all of history has known. In its history, there has been no regional invasion in which one region invaded another by force or entered another land region without asking its people to help in defense.

Five hundred years ago, Yafea participated with Hadramout in defending Hadramout at the request of the people of Hadramout, not as invaders, occupiers and greedy people without the consent of the people of the land.

The sons of Yafea Hadramout have been present in every Hadrami region, coast and valley, for centuries, and between Yafea and the tribes of Hadramout there was a historical brotherly era.

The Al-Buraiki, Al-Kasadiyah, and Al-Quaiti sultanates are historical evidence of a strategic alliance and partnership between Hadramout and the South, a partnership of national struggle, Arab identity, Sunni sect.

That is why we say to the advocates of isolationism and hostility to the South in the name of Hadramout, Hadramout will not allow you to detonate its national fabric. Hadramout and the South are partners in one destiny, a partnership of an Arab-Sunni identity, a partnership of national defense, not a partnership of greed.

Since centuries ago..
Partners in Blood and men and in pushing the enemy away
Each party has full rights to its land, wealth, money, and decision over its land, so the South does not covet the wealth of Hadramout, or seeks to take away its decision from its people, and Hadramout will not accept this, even if it exists.

Hadramout does not want to dominate the southerners in their land and dispose of it on their behalf, nor would the southerners accept that if it existed.

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