Changing Politics: Careful Reading Says, “Yesterday’s Friend is Today’s Enemy”

Mohamed Al-Horaiby
Mohamed Al-Horaiby

Allies are formed around temporary mutual political interests. Those who own power can use their allies best, and those who don’t will remain helpless until something happens to provide them with sufficient power to enforce their will. If nothing happens, they will be merely a temporary card that will be replaced or trashed in a specific time.
Our experience and changing conditions are the best proof of that. We formed an ally with the so-called legitimacy under the principle of “necessities permit prohibitions”. This ally helped us to change the reality resulting from 1994 war in stage that forced us to hold on that ally to fulfill our strategic goal and enforce a new reality on the ground. And now, we are facing the legitimacy as equal rivals and try to end our ally with it according to internal and external situations that provided us with new opportunities and new ally that managed in a very short time to provide us with what the legitimacy couldn’t provide. We are now in a much stronger position than the legitimacy.
The new situation supported us with a new political structure; the southern transitional council that resulted from the previous stage. We are now in the middle of two choices: either to support the council as a powerful political structure in any political settlement or to abandon it for another political structure created by the enemy as a political card to enforce his own settlements. This means we should support our chosen political structure that effectively exerts massive efforts on the ground, supported by military and security systems. The southern transitional council is forming branches all over the south in addition to declaring the national assemblies in southern governorates. These promising steps may lead to better expectations including the establishment of the military council and public committees to prepare for regulated escalation towards a new reality. Nevertheless, we should consider any sudden changes that may face the council like external pressures that may make it weaker than we expect. This means that inclusive public support is needed in the form of coordinative political work of all political powers in the south.
The infrastructure of the southern transitional; council should be strong enough to consider all political changes that may happen as nothing is permanent in politics.

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