Converting Politicians

Dr. Waed Abdullah Ba Deeb

Dr. Waed Abdullah Ba Deeb

Southern writer

The major problem of our country is the politicians who convert their attitudes with every single situation. The most important thing for them is to remain in power. They always have loud voices and extreme attitudes. They create conflicts and introduce themselves as the only solution. If conflicts bring political changes they, pragmatically, change their attitudes for their own benefit. Ironically, they always want followers, supports and audience, but they don’t know how boring they became as people don’t believe them anymore. In my opinion, to be credible as a politician, you should reconcile with yourself. You should be consistent with your own values, principles and beliefs you breach. This consistency is the only guarantee for clear vision. Being to eager for power makes the politician less credible in the eyes of people and this makes him unable to convince them with his own ideas. His words became more like poor commercial announcements that do him no good. He turns himself into an employee for his own benefits with the title of politician.

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