Corruption is the other side of terrorism

By\ Yasser Al-Yafie
If the war on terrorism is not accompanied by a parallel war against corruption and the corrupt in the governorates of the South, these victories will not have any impact on the reality of the people, and therefore these victories will remain incomplete.
Corruption is the other side of terrorism, but rather one of its main pillars. We went through an experience after the victory over Al-Houthi, and people did not pay attention to the issue of corruption, and then corruption deepened and expanded, which reflected negatively on the reality of the people and detracted from the victories that were achieved.
I hope that the issue will not be repeated again and a new wave of corruption won’t appear after the war on terrorism. Activists, media professionals, loyalists, and even citizens have a great responsibility to uncover and expose corruption, both with the documents they possess, and do not underestimate social networking sites, as they at least document the corruption of these thieves and terrorists.
In short, the country cannot rise, and development or economic stability cannot occur if corruption is the dominator of the scene, and the corrupt are the ones who manage the institutions, facilities and civil and security agencies.

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